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That Darn Cat has evolved over the years into a valuable and free resource for up to date and accurate information on Kefalonia. Years ago all too often whilst searching the Internet we found information about Kefalonia that was at best out of date and at worst totally inaccurate or misleading.

Whilst the need for advice was identified, the problem was how to get that help across to people who fell in love with or just wanted to find out more about the island in an instant and interactive way, and so the message board was born on 26th January 2004.

That Darn Cat is powered by a strong group of experienced people who either live on Kefalonia or have been holidaying on the island for years. We laugh, joke and have fun whilst freely offering help and advice on all matters associated with Kefalonia.

If you want to know anything about Kefalonia please feel free to click on the link below and become a member of the board! That Darn Cat is there to assist in making holidaying or buying and building in Kefalonia an easier and more enjoyable experience. Just shy of 2000 visitors the first year, TDC message board now averages 45,000 hits a month!

Lastly I have been asked many times why call the message board That Darn Cat?..................My answer? Just go eat in a Taverna!!! That and of course I have always wanted to run a Cat House!

Paul Davis (TDC) 14/01/09.

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A message board for people who love Kefalonia. If you have a question about the island or aspects of your holiday, this is the place to go and ask the people who go or live there.

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Luxury private villas with pools, holiday apartments and studios to rent in and around the picturesque harbour village of Aghia Efimia, Kefalonia.

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Kefalonia animal trust

A registered charity dedicated to the welfare of animals in Kefalonia.

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